An Interview About MU Legend: The Future Of MU Legend - Content

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In the recent interview about MU Legend, are you satisfied with MU Legend's open beta test? In the interview, you will learn how the launch of MU Legend feels for the developers and how it will continue in 2018 with the ARPG. Since the beginning of November you can play the "Hack and Slash" MMORPG MU Legend in an open beta test. We have addressed the developers to problems and future features. Today, let's take a look at the recent interview and its related information. Players always feels surprised about the price of MU Legend Zen at U4GM, so cheap and fast. 



We have a passionate community, with whom we are looking forward to the future of MU Legend - content. According to MMORPG and Dennis, we will know the following information. 


MMORPG: Your quarter-view MMORPG was released before big comrades. Is it an advantage or was it even an objective to release MU Legend before the competition? 


Dennis: I would not necessarily call it a "goal". It was a nice coincidence. Our goal was to release MU Legend if it meets our expectations of quality. The hack & slash genre was generally neglected for a while and we wanted to fill a void that we believe exists. Overall, I'm happy about the timing of the release. 


MMORPG: the players and the press often refer to MU Legend as "Diablo MMO". When developing MU Legend, did you have in mind to create a Diablo MMO with MMO features, or where did the game come from? 


Dennis: We often read this phrase and it makes us proud in some way. As few of you know, the release of MU Online was in 2001, the MU brand is well known and loved in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. We wanted to create a worthy successor to MU Online without neglecting the innovations of the Hack & Slash genre. We aimed more at MMO features. 


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