NBA 2K23: Best Players for Small Forward (SF)

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The small forward is responsible for everything on the basketball court, like shooting from inside and outside, playing defense, and rebounding. However, who are the best small forwards in NBA 2K23? You can find the highest-rated players at the position below.

Lebron James - 96 OVR

Lebron James


One of the most well-known names in the NBA, LeBron James is ranked 2nd overall in the entire NBA, with an overall of 96 and a total of 45 badges under his name. Despite taking home a modest All-NBA Third Team selection last season after playing just 56 games for the 33-49 Los Angeles Lakers, the 37-year-old looked like he had plenty left in the tank. He is still elite at pressuring the rim and playmaking for shooters. James was notably close to winning the scoring title last season, though he missed out on the award due to him not fulfilling the requirement for the minimum games played. LeBron James has the 2-Way Slashing Playmaker archetype. This is the best player. If you want to use him in MyTEAM, you can buy cheap MT 2K23 from

Kawhi Leonard - 94 OVR

Kawhi Leonard


One of the Top Ten NBA players, Kawhi Leonard, comes in with a 94 NBA 2K23 overall rating and 33 badges to show as a 2-Way Scoring Machine archetype. He missed last season due to his torn ACL in his right knee, but he is still one of the game's absolute best when healthy. Kawhi Leonard is a two-way powerhouse, capable of scoring on all three levels while also being an elite rebounder and perimeter defender. He is undoubtedly the face of the Los Angeles Clippers. Kawhi Leonard has shown that he can be the No. 1 option on a championship-caliber team in 2019 with the Toronto Raptors, and perhaps he can win the Los Angeles Clippers their first championship next year.

Jimmy Butler - 93 OVR

Jimmy Butler


Jimmy Butler is a 2-Way Slashing Playmaker archetype with 37 badges and an overall rating of 93. He is the current best player on the Miami Heat and has morphed himself from a solid star to a bona fide two-way superstar throughout the last few years. He is an elite perimeter defender, and offensively, he excels at slashing to the rim and making plays for his teammates. His most recent playoff run solidified that he is a top-tier SF, and perhaps we'll see that rating rise even further next season.

DeMar DeRozan - 89 OVR

DeMar DeRozan


DeMar DeRozan is an excellent choice for Small Forward, with an 89 overall rating and 25 badges. He is quite possibly the best midrange player in the game. He has almost every midrange tool in his arsenal, and he showed that he could be a successful, All-NBA caliber player without a 3PT shot. With the Chicago Bulls, DeMar DeRozan concluded his season with high points of 27.9 per game, while he had 10.2 shots per game in each match. DeRozan is the Slashing Shot Creator archetype.

Jaylen Brown - 87 OVR

Jaylen Brown


The rising star of the NBA, Jaylen Brown, comes with an overall rating of 87 and 25 badges of the 2-Way-3-Level Scorer archetype. He had a spectacular run in the playoffs; the average was 24 points, 3 assists per game, 7 rebounds, and 1 steal per game, he gave the team good two-way play. It's safe to say that this could have been by far his greatest season. Brown also has some potential to be unlocked, and if he improves his ballhandling and playmaking, he can be an elite wing for years to come.

Now you know all of the best small forwards in NBA 2K23. Which one will you add to your team? You can tell us by clicking here or through the comments section!