Escape from Tarkov: The complete Guide to Customs Map, 2021

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You will find a couple of factors much more intimidating in this tactical FPS than spawning into a new map for the very first time and looking to find out the best way to Escape from Tarkov Customs. The maps in Escape from Tarkov are often daunting, with numerous data to study to properly make your way via a raid. To steer you clear of such disasters and hopefully assist you in enhancing your map information, we've assembled a handy guide for the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov, including all extraction points, spawns, the boss spawns, and essential places.

Escape from Tarkov: The complete Guide to Customs Map, 2021

From spawns and to extracts to very good loot spots and locations where enemies are probably to be, understanding the places and points of interest is among the most important components of playing Escape From Tarkov. This Customs map guide can help you get to grips with among the list of earliest maps you'll encounter in this tough-as-nails FPS game. Tarkov's Customs region would be the Cities' primary industrial district of sorts, positioned close towards the Factory. It capabilities a range of infrastructure facilities, a freight train terminal, factories, dorm buildings, offices, storage areas, and a few other unfinished structures.

Customs is regarded as the most "beginner-friendly" of all maps readily available in Escape from Tarkov. You will find some causes for this:


In Escape from Tarkov, Why the customs map is regarded because the most beginner-friendly?

  • Spawns/Extractions are rather simple. You either spawn on the western side and extract around the eastern side or spawn in the east and extract on the west. This, combined with all the reality that Spawns are uncomplicated to identify, tends to make the map somewhat straightforward to discover and navigate via. 
  • Map's most important points of interest tend to attract most of the PMC players' interest, which leaves the rest in the map surprisingly safe to new players that desire to get some quick beginner's loot. 
  • 3The map offers pretty plenty of cover, which negates the long-range advantage that better-equipped players have to a specific point. 


Figuring out the Customs map spawns is essential simply because it informs your immediate selection-producing; do you go for nearby PMC spawns in the hope of grabbing a swift kill, rush the loot spots, or attempt and track down the boss swiftly?

Spawns are divided into two sides, Customs for the west and Warehouses on the east. Your extraction points are determined by your spawn and can normally be around the opposite side of the map. This indicates that you'll be parallel with those who spawned in your side as you move across the map, and heading directly at these on the opposite - avoiding firefights is quite tricky.


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These locations are all about the massive red customs warehouse that provides the map its name and variety from the west wall beyond the storage facility and as much as the railroad by the river. With eight spawns utilized in every raid, there's a powerful likelihood that four groups will all be originating about the warehouse, so generally, be ready to fight as soon as you land.



The east side of the map has its spawn points distributed within a horseshoe shape that circles the north hills and down towards the old gas station. These spawns are close to 3 with the four potential boss spawns and offer you a great chance to have an early drop on him. On the other hand, the wooded hills mean that nearby players can get to you incredibly speedily.



  1. Crossroads
  2. Trailer Park
  3. ZB 1011
  4. Dorms V Ex
  5. Smuggler's Boat
  6. RUAF Roadblock
  7. ZB 1012
  8. Old Gas Station

Studying a single or two extracts might be enough for you personally to escape from time to time, but the more alternatives you have available, the larger your possibility of results. Being able to change a program around the fly and switch extract is usually an invaluable talent. Only three extracts on the Customs map are permanently available, one around the east side and two on the west. These will only be out there depending on exactly where you spawn, so usually, double-tap the O crucial to ensure you're heading towards the suitable spot.



Crossroads is an always-open PMC extract that is certainly in the northwest most corner of the map. You will discover some vehicles to provide you with cover, but otherwise that you are surrounded by extended roads with excellent sightlines, along with a cut by means that leads into storage. In the event you're extracting right here, ensure that you tuck into somewhere safe and don't let your guard down till you're out.



The Trailer Park extract is around the south wall, just down in the storage facility within the east. The spot you're looking for is a patch of woodland amongst a roadblock and some worker's huts. You'll have to use the trees for cover as you extract, but it can only be approached from the road ahead and is easy to manage.


CUSTOMS:  ZB-1011 

The third extract is in the southeast corner of your map and is only available when you spawn around the east. It is a bunker having a rebar gate blocking the entrance. Any time you open it, you might have to go down some stairs to attain the escape point, so be aware of possible campers hiding around the corner.



Should you're trying to loot dorms, it's a fantastic thought to possess 7000 roubles tucked in your gamma for the reason that it may give you a simple escape. There is certainly an exterior wall with an SUV parked within a gate on the Northside of dorms. You can extract up to 4 men and women out for those who spend the driver. Be aware that every player must pay the full sum. When it's activated, it takes a minute to leave, so be ready to take cover while you wait. After it's been applied, it is gone on the map and can't be used by anyone else.



In the north point in the river, there is a rock having a campfire. If the fire is lit, you are very good to tuck in by the shoreline and get an extract that can save you some travel more than hazardous terrain.



At the southern point of the river, there is a Russian roadblock along the road. If the searchlight around the gate is on, then you definitely can use this place to extract. Be conscious of the long sightlines across the river and down the road.



Around the southeast side in the map, tucked in some shrubbery behind a warehouse, is a second bunker. This single includes a searchlight just like the RUAF roadblock and is only usable when it's on.



The south on the warehouse section is usually a bridge with some old train automobiles abandoned on it. When you pass under or over, you can reach a lonely gas station. There will likely be green flares to signal that the extract is accessible and will need you to go inside the developing and down some stairs within the back to reach your evac point. Be conscious of Scavs who spawn in this region. Old Gas Station is also a dead end, so you'll need to fight your way out if one more PMC squad follows you in.



When compact spots of loot are scattered across the map, you'll need to head to dorms to choose up some big-ticket things. The two buildings inside the north of the map contain many weapon boxes exactly where you may obtain attachments and guns. Generally, there will likely be Scavs in and around the buildings, which you could choose for some gear and things.

Inside the three-story constructing is a space locked, having marked importance. Getting access to this area can provide extremely important things, ranging from the M416 assault rifle to a weapons case worth over a million EFT roubles. Other players will likely be gunning for this loot, so be ready for the heavy fire.

For those who're hunting for a Customs stash map, then m1ksu and Marvelin have posted an exceptional map of all the stash spots on Customs to Reddit that we've embedded above.



The Boss Scav in Customs is named Reshala and may be identified in either dorms or the new gas station. He can sometimes roam out from these locations towards the Military checkpoint or the radio tower on the hill. He has four guards who will follow and shield him.

These could be challenging opponents, so make an effort to use variety and grenades to your advantage, as well as possessing quick strategies to break the line of sight and heal. Reshare and his followers both have far more well-being than typical AI and tend to wear decent armour - so read up on our Escape from Tarkov ammo guide to understand the most beneficial rounds for punching utilizing higher-level armour. Looting them all can guarantee some good weapons, armour, and products.





One of many two Customs' Dorm Buildings and among the areas exactly where you'll want to go on this map in the event you are seeking any fight. The layout of your building ensures that there will be loads of close-quarters combat in addition to some mid-range engagements along the corridors and at times across the two dorms buildings. This location calls for you to possess a range of Dorm Space Keys if you would like to fully discover it. The 3-Story dorm building is among the places exactly where Reshala Boss and his bodyguards can spawn. In addition, that is exactly where the Marked Room is positioned. The northern part of Customs, north on the Building Region, at the end of the road may be perpendicular for the principal road, creating the western side; the greater 1.



The shorter in the two Customs' Dorm Buildings and one of many locations exactly where it is best to go on this map for those hunting for any close-range PvP engagement. The building's layout ensures that there will likely be loads of close-quarters combat and some mid-range engagements along the corridors. This location requires you to have a selection of Dorm Space Keys if you'd like to explore it completely. The 2-Story dorm creating is amongst the locations where Reshala Boss and his bodyguards can spawn. Northern element of Customs, north on the Construction Location, ends with the road that's perpendicular to the most important road, the creating on the eastern side; the shorter one. 



The "new" Gas Station is one of the places on Customs which you need to pay a visit to if you'd like a firefight. This is for the reason that many of the ideal loot obtainable on the map spawn right here. Additionally, that is one of the Reshala Boss spawns. North on the shipping yard around the eastern element of Customs; adjacent towards the most important road. 



The industrial region in the middle of Tarkov's Customs. Its name comes in the unfinished construction inside the middle. The "construction" itself presents a superb vantage point, but it is very exposed, so going to the best of it is ill-advised; if you want to peek, don't leave the stairs and strafe up and down. This region does not present as well substantially loot; however, it is amongst the best areas for Scav-killing missions as Scavengers are almost assured to spawn here. Inside the middle of your map, south of the Dorm Buildings, west from the most important bridge, adjacent to the principal road.



An industrial location filled with garages, shacks, and massive storage containers. If you spawn on the Customs side, it is a superb idea to go right here as some helpful stuff is usually discovered around the area. Be aware that it is probable to jump on the garages to get a vantage point. This is exactly where a few of your possible extraction points will likely be situated if you spawn around the eastern side of Customs. The western side of Customs, just south on the Crossroads extraction point, adjacent towards the Customs and Trainyard locations. 



An industrial zone that options the "Big Red" Factory constructing and parking lot. A few of the Customs' side spawns are also scattered about here. The "Big Red" also contains an enclosed room that needs the Customs Workplace Key* to become accessed. Unless you may have the important, this area does not provide as well much worthwhile loot. In addition, it can be advised that you simply leave this region speedily in case you spawn on this side, as you will be incredibly exposed about here, and there will probably be other players spawning about you. South-western element with the Customs map, just east in the Customs Storage Area, south-west on the main bridge. 



An industrial area, very easily recognizable due to the huge freight cranes within the center. This area characteristics a locked area that can be unlocked with the Factory Exit Key [Factory] within the north-western portion of the region, just west from the parking lot. Due to the proximity of Boilers' side, PMC spawns, caution is advised while traversing this area, especially early in the raid. South-eastern element of Customs, just south of the "New" gas station.



Placed away in the key road, this gas station was out of commission even before the City of Tarkov was deserted and fell into ruin. The old gas station serves as an extraction point. However, it is just not normally opened. In addition, there's a loose loot spawn inside the station's creating, which can spawn practically any item inside the game. One of several NPC Scav spawn points is positioned near the station, so some caution is advised when traversing the area. The south-eastern aspect of Customs, south of your "New" gas station as well as the shipping yard. 



That is one of several two general PMC extraction regions. For those who spawn around the Customs Side, this is where your most important extraction points will likely be situated. When compared with the other spawn/extraction region, this side is considerably more fascinating, so consider yourself lucky should you spawn on this side of your map. Probably the most eastern part of Customs, east with the Shipping Yard.

Escape of Tarkov is usually a hard game having a steep learning curve. For this reason, we've decided to aim this guide at new players who tend to struggle with their initial Raids and aid them to learn about diverse maps that the game has to supply. At last, We hope that you just have found this guide helpful and informative.