How to Build the Best Elder Scrolls Online Character

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Welcome to our guide to build the Elder Scrolls Online character. You can enjoy total freedom of making character progress in ESO.


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If you’re having a hard time building a better ESO build, you’re predicatively not alone! Creating effective character builds takes a lot of time to test & optimize, minifying the fun out of your ESO experience. The purpose of this guide is to make sure that you enjoy the content while leveling, yet have an ideal experience at end of the game based on your original character choices.


If you're just commencing with ESO, here's help in taking your first steps as an explorer. You've paid for your copy of Elder Scrolls Online, installed the game, and created your account, but what now? We provide a quick guide for green hand players just starting out in the very beginning.


Step 1 - Gender and Voice

The first two choices are your character's gender and the sound of their voices. There are eight voice options for the different gender and race combinations, it’s easy to find the one that suits you.


Step 2 - Alliance

Those who pre-ordered Elder Scrolls Online are capable of choosing any alliance combination, while late-comers will be restricted to the 

set factions. Outside of starting area access, the choice only matters when it comes to PVP. If you want to play with friends, you should stay in the same alliance, or else, you can change alliances later in the game. 


Step 3 - Race/Species

Races determine your character's allegiance and starting area in ESO. Depending on your choice, you will select a faction for your character and set forth within a specific zone. You can complete quests across all factions ignoring your initial choice, but your PVP allegiance will never change. They are unique to each Race and some cater more to certain play styles than others, so choose carefully as this can't be undone.


Step 4 – Class

Elder Scrolls Online has 4 classes available at present for players. Each one has a distinct feel, making them play different than all the rest. One of the greatest parts of the class system is how diverse an individual class can be. Unlike other MMOs, ESO's classes have very differing skill trees, which meaning that a tank class could also spec to be a healer or DPS.


Dragon Knight - These are your basic fighters, with the added bonus of using fire magic.

Sorcerer - The Sorcerers are potent spell casters that can buff themselves up with lightning from the skies, sling damaging spells at their enemies, or summon in Daedra help from Oblivion.

Nightblade - This is your covert assassin class, mostly equivalent to Rogues or Rangers in other MMOs.

Templar - The Templar is a warrior wielding holy magic to smite enemies or heal allies. 


Elder Scrolls is a bit different from most MMOs in that the classes are general guidelines as opposed to a hard lock. If you put points into the right skills, your Templar can be a healer, not a tank. Your Dragon Knight can primarily be a magic user. It's all about having a solid idea of where you want to go and picking up the right skills to get there.


Step 5 - Detailed Customization

Elder Scrolls has never lacked customization, and ESO is no different. In fact, it's even more than before. Players can sculpt the look of their character through many separate options. The first is body type, which gives you a sliders for the balance of musculature, largeness, and thinness.


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