How To Choose A Suitable Class For Solo In Dofus Touch

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Having trouble narrowing down what class to play when you playing solo most of time? Here are some advices for you guys to find out which class suit you most.



Eniripsa indeed can solo a lot of stuff but for that he will need good gear and knowledge about the class. Solo Eniripsa will be painfully slow solo. They're great, and you'll probably get groups easier as a pure Fire Eniripsa (as opposed to Water).



Enutrof is pretty good solo'er because of his living bag. Enutrofs will always be amazing. Soloing as an Enutrof after the initial slog should be easy. But it will like the Eniripsa, be painfully slow at the beginning. You simply won't have the spells or gear you need to deal with much of anything.



Sadida has many summons that can keep enemies busy while you kill them. Sadidas and Foggernauts are solid but would take some learning. Not gonna go into much detail with those two. Foggernauts will be able to grant a lot of heals (and a fair amount of damage) if you go Fire.



Also worth mentioning Sacriers. While they don't have much in the way of team healing, they do fill the role of being whatever build/spec you want when you need it. They are tanks that are vitality based characters and use punishments/gear to fill out the rest of their stats. This is especially useful early on when stats on gear make little difference and punishments will greatly increase your damage on whatever damage type you want to do. They also make excellent solo characters as most damage spells have the added benefit of healing you.


If you want to level a healing class you have the choice of Osamados, Enirispa, Ecaflip, and Foggernauts.


Osamados can summon and heal/revive/buff other team members or summons. They're limited in damage outside of summons, getting only a few intelligence based attacks.



Ecaflips start off a little slow on the healing department and they never truly excel at it, but they do some of the most damage of the healing classes. They also have excellent range and buffs that are quite useful even in solo play.



Foggernauts, like the other three classes mentioned so far, also have limited healing abilities. Their one heal is limited to a cast limit per turn, and it doesn't exactly heal enough to be a game changer in most instances. It also has the drawback of being unable to self target, so you can't heal yourself in solo play easily. However, if played well, they can supplement a team or solo play very well with their turret play style. I don't recommend this as a starting class for beginners though, as they can be quite technical to play.


Enirispas are the games "dedicated" healers. They can provide a wide range of healing, both int and bit based, so you can make whatever damage build you want; although it is highly recommended to do an int based eni for healing purposes as the majority of their heals scale from int. Their damage is a little lacking, but with proper equipment they can be on par with the other healer type builds in the game.


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