Madden 18: Longshot Mode Takes After The Telltale Games Formula

eos4gold Date: Oct/27/17 14:37:02 Views: 1184

Madden 18 has been out for a few days, and we're already off to an excellent start with the glitches. Football video games have so many fun that you ever haven't been enjoyed. Interestingly, fans are already looking forward to playing the game. Madden 18 includes a story mode for the first time in the history of the franchise, dubbed the Longshot mode. Here's everything you need to know about:



This mode takes after the Telltale Games formula, as you take on the role of a young prospect and guide him from the classroom all the way to the NFL Draft, with the aim of being drafted at the highest position possible. Longshot gives us someone to care about other than ourselves and that alone is enough to draw you into its plot and characters. 


Through the new Longshot mode, Madden NFL 18 is finally embracing the idea that genuine spectacle comes from narrative and not merely from the technical elements. In addition, Madden 18's running animations have never quite looked natural, which is an immersion killer: that should change with the switch to an engine built on authentic cosmetics.


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