Madden 18 Patch 1.07: Balancing Modifications And Additional Modifications

eos4gold Date: Nov/23/17 16:27:48 Views: 1515

Madden 18's the recent patch 1.07, along with a ton of balancing modifications. To name a few, adjusted some logic round the QB contain project, tuned to enhance tackling ball carriers throughout damaged sort out animations. By testing the full Madden 18 replace 1.07 patch notes, additional modifications could be considered, the full patch notes, including patch 1.06's details, find more at here




Made stability fixes

Improved stability in the Weekly Training drills in Franchise mode

Fixed a number of points with depth chart logic with injured gamers

Fixed a difficulty that eliminated the VICIS helmets from offline CFM



Added logic on all sport types so kick blocks not happen on "perfect kicks" - to get an ideal kick, kick power should be at 100% and the accuracy meter should be stopped inside the kicker's accuracy window, and ideal textual content seems on display while you get 100% kick power and there shall be a blue flicker that can set off on the kicker's participant icon after the kick that signifies you met the "perfect" standards.


Removed pump fake performance from right stick so customers don't accidently execute a pump fake when attempting to throw the ball away – customers can nonetheless pump fake whereas in the pocket by clicking left stick


Adjusted some logic round the QB contain project: 

Added performance to cross blocking to raised deal with goal switching for QB contain defenders

Tuning to QB Contain in order that wider slot corners is not going to change into contain gamers when speeding


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