New to Tera (PS4) Any Basic Ideas

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Presently I have a level 65 Reaper, 50 mystic, and 30 gunner. Haven’t accomplished a lot of instances to genuinely test me and I strategy to run as a healer as I've always liked playing anything else besides dps. Commonly tank or heal. I haven't created a tank and don't program too soon.



So any general guidelines? I have a friend who has gotten me into Tera but even tho he has been in a position to answer my questions hence far I am still a bit lost as what's significant in this game stat-wise to get a healer. Am I assuming crits?


I plan to play mystic and I've been reading so far that priests are good at getting individuals at out of danger speedily but mystics will not be without the need of their a lot of niches and I can see the potential.


Healer Crit

Crit is great for healers, but don't neglect your endurance and hp. A healer must survive, and if you are knocked over by a stiff breeze then you definitely can't do that. For instance, some mechanics make it so you have got to take damage. Extreme damage. It's preferable a DPS doesn't die, but it is extremely, quite critical the healer has as substantially uptime as physically doable.


So, stuff like crit jewelry with 4 endurance/ four hp rolls (around the earrings at the least, I believe also around the rings but I only really understand how to roll dps rings simply because I am a Gunner main derp), an hp/endurance inner (finest Mystic I know who has perfect run RMHM no glitched numerous occasions personally rolls with an HP inner, but commonly you desire to prioritize endurance as HP is far better for flat damage like in RMHM. So in my opinion at the least, endurance and hp are fantastic solutions. You could possibly choose to ask a right Mystic key though)


Mystic Semi Scrolls

On Mystic, one way you may (nicely, honestly sort of have to...) raise your survivability in endgame before you can afford semi scrolls or fancy innerwear (so like literally the first thing you do) is get two talent cooldown rolls on your weapon (you'll be able to do that by having one cooldown roll on the +3 +6 +9 aspect, and the other roll around the portion that does not possess a number by it) and also the teleport jaunt cooldown reduction roll in your chest piece. Remember to usually masterwork your gear just before operating on rolls, for the reason that ranges hates you. Once you have the teleport cdr in your chest, double cdr on your weapon, and if doable glyphed for cooldown, you ought to be capable to teleport just about every four seconds.


As a healer, a big component of the job requires location outdoors of your game, and that's to research. I've observed quite a few parties wipe and groups abandoned for the reason that a healer didn't analysis a dungeon before they came in, so they don't know when to cleanse celebration members, they do not know when to cleanse the boss (this a single in particular. If Lachelith gets her buff in rmhm for the reason that the healer/s didn't cleanse her... let's just say that your only selection will be to run, pray, and hope your healer does not miss it again since it is possible to NOT touch her, you are able to not rez anyone who dies simply because in case you do You will die, and if she's below 30% when she does this... even in lower dungeons like Vault Of Kaprima, when the healer does not understand they have a job to accomplish it makes a currently painful boss fight into even worse of a slog that honestly loads of folks will just take the dropout penalty and waste a run in lieu of residing through) so Analysis Analysis Analysis.



For some dungeons when you happen to be initial learning them (mostly 417 and above) it's finest to possess an additional experienced healer with you so they're able to show you the ropes and guide you through the mechanics, to ensure that your complete group doesn't wipe repeatedly due to the fact you're obtaining problems acquiring it. By way of example, in Lilith's Hold tough mode the healer must cleanse the boss as she's flying up into the air and carrying out a donut, or else she wipes the entire team. 


Priest, it's super quick as they have a lock on boss cleanse. On Mystic it really is risky as you have got to have appropriate next for the boss as she's performing something which can a single shot you for those who do not time all your expertise proper. I usually do not solo heal him as I've not but managed to succeed at it on my mystic. It really is doable, but it is just tougher. Nevertheless, if you possess a healer who did not know about this mechanic or didn't know the timing... bye bye group. Tbh my first time performing Sky Cruiser Endeavor on my mystic was trio healing it for the reason that shits and giggles. Buying tera gold on the U4GM marketplace will not only save you time and energy but you will get more time to actually play the game!