Path Of Exile: GGG Have Showcased One Of The End-game Bosses

eos4gold Date: Mar/13/18 17:17:31 Views: 1401

Path of Exile is getting quite large, GGG have showcased one of the end-game bosses for the upcoming expansion. Grinding Gear Games has announced that the latest update are now available for Path of Exile. The game has incredible potential. New gamers will flock to the game now that it has a complete campaign. This game was good before, and the last update made it so much better. In a interview, we asked for some of your burning questions and sent them along to GGG. 



MMORPG: How did the China launch go? Are there any metrics about how many players have downloaded and started playing? You are wondering more news for path of exile? visit the official website here


GGG: Really well. We had no technical problems and a very smooth launch. I don't think that any metrics have been released but I think it's safe to say that the Chinese Path of Exile community is as large as the rest of the world put together.


MMORPG: The game is getting quite large. How do you meet the unique needs of new players coming into the game and making sure they're not literally "left behind" by the veterans?


GGG: It really helps to have new challenge leagues contain self-contained economies. It means that everyone is on the same footing, with only knowledge and skill differences. While of course new players will rush ahead and make progress faster, this isn't quite as intimidating as if a new player joins an established economy where they have no hope of catching up. 


MMORPG: How's it going on XBox One? As with the China launch, are there any metrics available for the number of downloads/players taking part?


GGG: The Xbox One launch also went well. We aren't able to share numbers but we're really happy to add the console players to our growing international multi-platform community. We have a lot of updates planned for the Xbox One version over the coming months.


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