Path Of Exile Is A Bizarre Mixture Of Diablo II And Ancient Mythology

eos4gold Date: Jan/02/18 15:44:33 Views: 1326

Path of Exile, a bizarre mixture of Diablo 2 and ancient mythology, is released in Russia.



The history of Path of Exile is a continuous series of realized impossibilities. Long ago it was conceived by a bunch of enthusiasts like the Dream Game - and it was financed by them without publishers, walking with an outstretched hand on Kickstarter or deals with the Devil. Moreover, the Path of Exile was and remains completely free. At first, she did not accept any payments at all, except for "tips" to developers, but now the name works for them.


The point is not even this. With such a strange origin, Path of Exile looks and is played as a solid work of a large studio. Graphics and design - the envy of Dark Souls: the world here is also ruthless, cunning and full of unpleasant surprises. But what is more important is that the role-playing system Path of Exile is an order of magnitude superior to analogs in any game you will read about in this text. A monstrous tree of skills allows you to shake any creature at all - both unfit for life, and a car for killing. Build Builds in Path of Exile is akin to science.


Many fans of the game bravely declare that this was how Diablo 3 should look. That once again confirms what wolf snatch needs to be shown not to profuse the "satanic" throne.


Path of Exile generally likes a smart player and at the same time punishes those who blindly burst into battle. Take the "ice" boss, the battle with which ends the first act. If the player decides to wear rings that protect the hero from the ice attacks, he can kill the boss in a matter of minutes. And if not, then he will have to run great. But in the first, and in the second case, he will be able to go further. And it does not matter what level you are. Even players at ten levels "below" the boss with the proper talent will be able to use his weak spots and win.


The game is free, and all purchases are exclusively cosmetic. For example, you can buy a beautiful effect for your favorite spell or a special kind of armor (the effectiveness of the armor itself does not change, only its appearance changes). You can also buy a pet friend, but he does not participate in the battles. With him, rather, not so lonely in the dungeons.


If you are still not familiar with the Path of Exile, you will probably be interested to learn that the game was based on a powerful barter economy, rich customization options for heroes, exciting PvP battles and races for ratings. Path of Exile was released in October 2013. If you are eager for the new updates, be sure to stock enough cheapest PoE orbs on U4GM before you start the wonderful trip in Path of Exile. We are a professional PoE service supplier with fast delivery and best service.