Path Of Exile Is Launched On Different Platforms Such As Xbox One

eos4gold Date: Jan/18/18 17:31:23 Views: 1398

Recently, Path of Exile is available on Xbox One, developed and published by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile is a decent game and shouldn't be dismissed so quickly. I was quite looking forward to this game as the feature icon was a knight with a sword, and my first thought was, buying poe buy currency from U4GM immediately. 



Some Of Details Of Path Of Exile 

On regional servers: " There will be a Brazilian server added to the realm today." 

On guilds and legacy league ladders: " These are on the list of big features we'd like to add." 

On the possibility of co-op support: " There isn't currently, but it's one of the big things to consider adding in the future now that the launch is out of the way." 

On Xbox One VS PlayStation 4: " It's a lot easier to port a game to Xbox than PS4. This is because the APIs and tools for PC and Xbox One are the same." 

On Xbox Trade Chat: " Unfortunately a controller isn't really great method for text input, so we don't really see an easy way to do something like that." 

On Xbox-PC crossplay: " We don't plan to add crossplay, sorry. In addition to technical challenges, there are fairness and balance issues that we haven’t come up with good solutions to." 

On Xbox One X: " We fully support the Xbox One X and Path of Exile will be playable at 4k/60fps on launch day. We're going to investigate other enhancements like HDR also." 

On adaptation difficulties: " One of the really hard parts was actually gem management. And I think we still haven't found a perfect solution for this as well. Moving gems around to different items is a bit of a pain." 

On why the Xbox version happened: "There was a Xbox Technical Account Manager who was a big fan of the game who approached us at a conference and was really keen for us to come to their platform. 


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