Path Of Exile Is Similar But Different From Diablo

eos4gold Date: Dec/20/17 01:00:15 Views: 1344

Path of Exile is an action title and RPG for PC that provides free fun and draws inspiration from the famous Blizzard Diablo series. The game brings a vast system of personalization of skills and equipment, and epic battles against monsters in dungeons. Learn more about the title in the review below.


Although Path of Exile is "accused" of being a clone of Diablo 3, the game has many unique and interesting features. The first positive point in relation to your competitor is, of course, to have totally free access for any player, without any kind of mandatory payment or subscription.



There are six classes available for the characters, some already famous and some not so much. There are, for example, the Marauder (who would be the Barbarian), Witch, Shadow (the wizard / killer of the group) and so on. Another interesting point of Path of Exile is the massive presence of multiplayer, which makes all the difference in gameplay. It is possible to play cooperatively or competitively in this title.


In addition, Path of Exile promises almost infinite replay, since all dungeons and scenarios are automatically generated as soon as a match is started. In this way, one game will never be the same as another.


What to expect from the game:

Action RPG

Too much graphic violence

Similar to Diablo 3


What may surprise in the game:

Beautiful graphics

Heavy Multiplayer


What can disappoint:

Few original elements

Optional expensive purchases


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