Path Of Exile: Some Common Questions That Players Always Asks

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Now, you can download the Path of Building program on your PC. It can be used to teach incredibly much about how your character can be improved. If you are going to make your own build then Path of Building is quite simply indispensable. Skill gems are a big part of the game. If you use a damage ability, such as Scorching Ray, you must link it to support gems during the game. These support gems can make that ability more potent. 



The Following Are Some Common Questions That Players Always Asks


How do I start playing?

Simply browse to Free Games on the Xbox One Store and either search for Path of Exile or find us on the list. By the way, more details and tips about Path of Exile, click here to know more. 


What exact version of Path of Exile is being launched on Xbox One, compared to the PC version?

The release version is pretty close to 3.0.0b. We intend to update it to 3.0.1b as soon as we can. 


What languages is Path of Exile available in on Xbox One?

Currently, English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. We plan to add German, French and Spanish alongside the PC version in the near future. 


What countries is Path of Exile enabled in on Xbox One?

Everywhere apart from South Korea, China and Japan. There may be small delays with Brazil, Australia and New Zealand - we have received age rating certificates for these regions and are trying to get them processed quickly. 


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