Some important tips and strick to play Escape from Tarkov

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Escape from Tarkov might have entered its fourth year. Nevertheless, it continues to be inside the open beta stage. This indicates that errors, malfunctions, and other troubles will take place from time to time. On the other hand, compared with the first handful of months immediately after launching the beta version, the game is in an excellent state in 2021. Escape from Tarkov may be an understanding curve for new players. If you just began playing this game in 2021, right here are some beneficial strategies.

Some important tips and strick to play Escape from Tarkov


Players must become aware that what they may be getting is not an entirely polished game and will be changed just before it is officially launched. Takov will continue to attract new players each quarter, and after it is formally released, the neighborhood will become more prominent. Inexperienced players need to find out quite a bit to wipe from the start out to finish successfully. This guide will provide some ideas for game novices and players who have bought the game.



Acquire Standard Edition


Anyone considering obtaining a game should choose the typical version 1st. The more expensive version of the game provides some perks, such as free DLC and secure containers. Nevertheless, PMC can find larger containers within the game, and upgrading to the standard version is always possible. It makes sense to feel the game before investing a lot of money. Takov is a fantastic game, but it's not for everyone. The standard version is much cheaper, and if you don't have all the starting items, people won't miss it.



Understanding The Wiping System


The erasure is essentially a complete account reset. Players will lose their weapons, armor, and progress in the previous "wipe", and everyone will start again. The beginning of a new wipe is the best time to start playing Tarkov because the game environment is somewhat flat. Experienced players always have an advantage, but newcomers will have a better chance of survival.


Later, PMC without superior armor and weapons might be at a significant disadvantage on the map concentrated in the PVP area. People who are new to Tarkov need to know what map they are on and how long it has been since the last erasure. Both of these factors have a significant impact on survival strategies.



Character Ccreen & Equipment Items


The character screen will display all the weapons and items the player has obtained in Tarkov. In case you are brought into a raid, inventory items might be lost. Everything placed in one of the slots will fight PMC. As a new player, it is essential to balance decorative characters and gambling on each item inside the raid.



Health System & Treatment


Unlike many FPS games, Takov has a complex health and disease system. Players can damage their arms, which will affect the target. If the PMC's leg is broken, it must be repaired before the character can walk again. Stomach bleeding can also cause dehydration. If the health of the character's head or chest is zero, the player will die. Gamers must also worry about energy, moisture, and radiation. Without going into too many details, novices must understand the different factors critical to Tarkov's survival.



Mission Accomplished


All Takov players will check the mission tab at the beginning of each new erasure. This is because completing tasks is the most effective way to upgrade characters within the game. The mission will also help improve the relationship with the trader, which will unlock opportunities for better weapons and items. In addition, it will give new players a sense of progress and goals to focus on just about every time they log in.



Level Trader


Merchants sell weapons, armor, medicines, and other items in Takov. At the beginning of the game, the trader might be set to level 1. Each player wants to establish a relationship with them to get all the items inside the game. As mentioned earlier, completing tasks for traders is a fantastic way to upgrade quickly. Buying and selling items to merchants will also supply PMC with experience. Those who want a specific weapon should first conduct some research on the items provided by each merchant and then focus on one of the eight weapons.





At the beginning of the game, the hiding place is essentially just an empty tunnel with nothing inside. As PMC progresses, they might be able to unlock areas and repair their hiding places. Before the upgrade is complete, the hiding place will probably be a pit of EFT money and resources. For example, the bathroom allows players to make valuable items sold on the flea market. Another critical addition to this space is the Bitcoin farm, which generates considerable passive income.



Scavs VS PMC


Scavs is one of the three NPC enemies in Tarkov. They were former citizens who were hostile to PMC during the raid. Even so, players can choose to play as Scav or PMC inside the attack. During the Scav raid, people will get a random load and loot and pick up items.


For starters, the risk of playing Scav is much smaller because there is no penalty for being killed. All items in Scav's inventory might be lost, but compared to the PMC raid, the risk will not be high. Another advantage of Scav attacks is that other Scavs will not be hostile to the player unless provoked. When playing the game as a PMC, players will equip their items and risk losing them in battle.



Pick Up Items


The only way to protect the items collected within the raid is to extract them from the map. Each map has several different extraction points. PMC and Scav can use these extraction points to store their loot. These areas are usually controversial, and extraction is generally hazardous depending on how many PMCs are still roaming on the map.


To withdraw, the player must spend a couple of rubles and wait for the timer to count down. They don't have to become right next to this point, as long as they're at the point where the timer returns to zero. Staying away from this point and getting cover is the right way to ensure safety.



Prepare For PMC Raid


After players have participated in several raids and picked up some items, they will hope to begin better preparing for attacks. The essential things that people want are weapons, armor, ammunition, and medicine. Inside the early days of wiping, it helps to have some of these supplies. PMC can invest in all the items they want from dealers or flea markets. As players progress, they will study all the different types of stems, treatments, ammunition, and related articles. The key to the early stage of liquidation is to have enough inventory to have a chance to fight.


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