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Restless Souls is a currency in Lost Ark that helps you quickly gain reputation with NPCs, as well as by sailors, which will be required in future updates. The merchant who changes this Lost Ark currency is located on Starsong Lighthouse Island. For this merchant to start talking to you, you have to do a lot of purple tasks on this island.

Most of the sailors bought from this merchant are level 4 and only board the Ghost Ship.



Ways to get Restless Souls

The fastest way at the beginning of the game is reputation with NPCs. On the Anshu mainland, there is an NPC Ghost Ryun in the Ringing Groves location. Reputation with her increases very quickly, and for the full reputation, you will receive 36 Restless Souls. This is one of the first NPCs for the 60 Restless Souls Stargazer's Aria song to max reputation.



The second method, which can be used as long as you have some luck, is harpoon hunting for various fish. This is marine content, which means you have to hunt on the high seas. In addition to the usual harpoon hunting, the Gathering of Souls in the Sea of ​​Givena event is also held at sea on Saturdays and Sundays. If you reach a certain number of points and place well, you will be rewarded with some Lost Ark Restless Souls.


Another way is to complete the weekly quest of the Efon Union. Sometimes you can randomly find it in your lists, and for completing it, you will get 15 Restless Souls. On assignment, you will need to kill large orange jellyfish. They live somewhere in the middle of the sea. I usually kill near the island of Afares. Collecting drops from them and spending luck is not necessary. Just killing them is enough.


The last way is the most profitable in terms of getting Restless Souls and allowing you to collect the required number of Restless Souls in 1-1.5 months to buy all the sailors currently available. I'm talking about the daily quests of the Efon Union, which you can complete not only with the main character but also with twins (with the possibility of getting a double drop).


If you accumulate 20 exit bonus points, you will receive a double drop for the first completed quests. Each time you do not complete one daily task of the Efon Union per day, you will receive ten-weekend points for the next day. If you do not complete three daily quests in one day, the next day, you will have 30 points. The next day we complete 1 quests - this is -20 points of the day, and do not complete 2 - this is +20 points. Accordingly, starting from the second day, completing only 1 quests per day as a twink, you will receive a double drop from this quests. I have five twinks and can farm 30 restless souls a day.