You Will Find Three Different Armor Types In The Path Of Exile

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Path of Exile does a lot to change, along with new updates and new patches. Path of Exile is unlike any other Action RPG. For this game, it's a Diablo-like Action RPG with plenty of dark themes and unique gameplay mechanics. Path of Exile has a lot of unique gameplay mechanics and armor is one of them. You'll find three different armor types in the game: armor, evasion, and energy. You are definitely the wisest person when you buy PoE orbs from U4GM. 



Today, Let's Take A Look At Some Tips About The Path Of Exile's Class Syetem, The Things To Remember When Picking A Class Are: 


Each class has an affinity with a certain stat and therefore starts with a higher number than a class that does not have that affinity.


Templar – Str/Int

Duelist – Str/Dex

Shadow – Dex/Int

Witch –  Intelligence (Blue)

Marauder – Strength (Red)

Ranger – Dexterity (Green)

Starting weapons mean nothing, you’ll be able to find a new one quick.

Starting stats are based off of affinities. A Marauder will have much more strength and health than a Witch at level 1 and may continue that trend all the way to the top level.

If you look at the Templar’s skill tree, you’ll see that he has fast access to both red (strength) and blue (intelligence) skills but it will take him a bit before hitting some green (dexterity) ones.

Based on the class’s affinity, the skill tree will be more accessible to those affinities.

For example: the Marauder, Ranger, and Witch will primarily be able to access their single affinity at first then have the chance to branch off.


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